Thursday, 27 January 2011

Lost at sea

I created this blog out of obligation while I was over seas. My advisor wanted to me keep a working account of my trip. I obviously failed, but I still live in the idea of unbelievable beauty. It has been over a year an a half since I was in Greece. I have forgotten how much that trip changed my life. However, the Lord is still guiding me through a trip of my own.

I am seeking Him more now then I ever have. That is why I am going to continue this blog. I was to have a working account of the things that the Lord is doing in my life daily. I probably will fail at some point, but if nothing else, I hope the post that I do commit to will be an encouragement to someone else. That what I have learned from the Lord will allow eyes to be opened, and feedback will allow me to learn more and more. Here goes nothing.

Monday, 13 July 2009


Oh my goodness. Where do I begin!!!!???????? Athens was amazing. We got in about 5:30 and we toured the city until about 10:00. I cried on top of the acropolis. How couldn't you. there is so much history there, and it's so beautiful. You see pictures of it, but it doesn't compare to standing on top of it. I could see all of Athens from the top. It was the most beautiful thing a man has ever created.

The trip was long. WE didn't have a place to lay our heads but one night. When we got to Santorini we got a hostel. It was so nice to sleep in a bed!!! We took a tour of the island. I climbed a volcano off the coast of the island. Then, we swam in the hot springs. It wasn't very refreshing considering it felt like a hot tub. One of the girls with us had a white suit on, and it turned it orange. Gross!! The day was so relaxing. I enjoyed every bit of it.

On our way home, we found out that the trains went on strike. What the heck!!! WE were out of luck. We got into Athens at 10:30. The bus station was closed for the day. We had to sleep at the bus station. If you've ever been to Athens, you would know that is not a good idea!!! I was terrified. I was in a group of 11, but still it was scary. I prayed the whole time. I just wanted to make it home safe. Indeed, we did.

I can't believe the things my eyes saw this weekend. This trip for that matter. How can people live their lives with out seeing the world. This has been the most trying, strengthening, amazing experiences of my life. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I don't want to go home yet. I wish I could stay here forever!!!!!!!

The beauty that I have see has made me adore my creator that much more. The things I have seen are unreal. I feel as if I am on the Truman Show and someone has set in a back drop. I wish I could share this experience with everyone!!!!!